Why was 66 of Us created?

To give us all a chance during the lockdown to help in our community by creating simple videos to share our knowledge and teach our neighbors and the nation.

Is 66 of Us for-profit?

No. It is being funded by volunteers, and run by volunteers.

Who started 66 of Us?

A group of civic-minded citizens, who want to turn the Covid-19 crisis into something useful and uplifting for their communities and the nation.

Will 66 of Us go on after the lockdown?

No, it will shut after the lockdown is over.

If I make a teaching video and submit it to 66 of Us, do I give up the rights to the video, and can I post it elsewhere?

No, you keep the rights, and yes, you can post the video whereever you like.

I'm a national figure and I want to appear live on 66 of Us. How do I get in touch with 66 of Us?

Please write us at info@66ofus.uk.

I'm an non-celebrity with some skills I want to teach and share. How do I do it?

Thanks! Welcome! You will see a big "Submit Your Video" button on the top right of our 66ofus.uk site. Please fill out that form and submit your video. It's that easy.

I would love to take part as a video caller on your live shows. How do I do it?

Great! Just email us at call@66ofus.uk. We book callers for our live shows in advance of the show, so you can put your hand up for any of our upcoming shows.

What kinds of things can I teach?

Anything that you want. Check out our categories on our site. And then there is the "Other" category for everything else.

Can I submit videos that I made before the lockdown?