Our Top Tips for Making a Video at Home

May 4, 2020

Our Top Tips for Making a Video at Home 

Thank you SO much for doing something for the community! Here are our tips for making a great video from home:

1.   What to use?

The quality of mobile phone video and sound is incredible these days. You should be able to make a great video entirely on your mobile.

This is probably a better idea than making is using your laptop, unless you have a really high-level laptop with a great video camera.

2. Shooting Tips

a. The sound matters as much as the video. For great sound, close the windows and turn off the audio distractions in your home – that means the TV, any music, fans, ticking clocks, dishwashers or washing machines. They will all come through really loudly on the video. And close the door!

b. For the best possible image, position yourself facing into the brightest lighting source. Don’t put the brightest light behind you. If you need more light (really might), get more light on your face by positioning a lamp in front of you but behind the camera.

c. Keep the camera at eye level  

d. Keep the camera as steady as possible. If you can, it’s better to put the camera down than to hold it by hand. There’s nothing wrong with a still, unmoving shot. It will be really easy to watch.

We tend to put our phone cameras on sideboards (if we’re sitting down) or the mantlepiece (if we’re standing up). Sometimes, we build a big pile of books or put it on top of an Amazon box if we want the right height. Do experiment – just remember that you need to lean the camera on something in the end, so that its facing you.

e. Shoot with a horizontal camera, not a vertical one. It will likely show the action better.

3. What else?

Keep the video short. It would be best if between 5 and 15 minutes. The shorter and simpler, the more likely people are to watch it all and learn. It also forces you to keep your point simple. Teach one simple skill and your audience will remember it.

We’d really appreciate it if you’d mention 66 of Us in the video. It’s a volunteer campaign and we need to tell everyone about it. Most people just say something in the intro like:

“Hi, I’m John Smith and I’m from London. My contribution to 66 of Us is a quick lesson on XXXXX.”

That’s it - good luck!