Tips for doing a live class

May 4,2020

Share a skill with your neighbours and make your community stronger. You could give a live class.  Here’s how to do it.

Giving a live class is really easy.

Pick a topic which people can practise in their homes, during the class. That’s easy for cooking and harder for cycling.

Look at our shooting tips. They are exactly the same for a live class.

Now you need to decide what app you are going to use for the class. There are now lots of common apps that do this really well and everyone is getting used to them during the lockdown. Here are three:

1.   Zoom normally limits group sessions to 40 minutes and 100 participants. It requires you to download an app on mobile or PC.


2.   Houseparty is only for 8 people on any call, but time is unlimited. It requires you to download the app on mobile or PC.   


3.   Google Meet allows unlimited participants and usage time until September. It doesn’t need any software, but does require you to sign up to a GSuite package.


For this blog post, we’ll focus on Zoom. We’ve found that it has great quality and is very simple for most people to use. So:


1.   Go to the Zoom website at


2.   Click the orange 'Sign Up, It's Free' button


3.   Enter your date of birth


4.   Enter an email address


5.   Zoom will send you a confirmation email. Click on the link in the email


6.   This will take you back to the website. Enter your name and choose a password for your account.


7.   Zoom will then give you a personal meeting url. Copy and paste it into a note on your computer, or you can find it in future by logging on to the website and clicking on 'my account' at the top right of the screen


8.   In the future, you just need to click on your personal meeting URL to get into a meeting. The first time you do this, you will be prompted to download the zoom application, which you need to do.


9.   You also just give the same personal meeting URL to anyone who wants to join the class and they will join you as soon as they paste it into their URL. They will also have to download the application the first time they do this.

So many people are using Zoom already that many of them understand this. And if they don't then someone living with them often will. If you want, you can also ask someone else to host the meeting, so they just send you their personal meeting URL and you use that.

10. When each person joins the meeting, the host will have to allow them in. At the bottom of the app screen, it says ‘manage participants’. Click on that and you will see any participants waiting to join on the right hand side of the screen. Approve them and they are in!

11. Everyone who joins the meeting starts off without video. The audio and video buttons are at the bottom left hand corner of the Zoom App screen and if they have a line through them, that means they are off. Turn them on and you are away!

12. Send out a notice on your local Facebook or WhatsApp group, telling people what you are sharing, when it’s going to happen and giving them the URL to click on so that they can take part.


13. Do the class!


It's worth doing several classes. It takes time for people to understand what you are doing and to get involved. As often as not, after the first class, people will go back to tell everyone how great it was and more people will come in next time.

Good luck!